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Embracing four large existing trees, the neighborhood clubhouse seeks both a sense of inclusion and security. Public areas are sheltered by glass and wood. Private areas are enclosed by brick and filtered light.


Houston, Texas

Design Team

Kevin Barden and Joe Rivers





General Contractor

Will Carter Construction

Structural and Civil Engineer

Sarab Structural and Civil

MEP Engineer

Truong Engineering



Mission Boulevard Duplex

Located on the bustling street of Mission Boulevard in San Diego with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Mission Bay on the other.

Josh Ryan

Art and Design

Josh Ryan is a designer and illustrator who specializes in bringing people together with quirky and humorous works. Joe and Kevin sat down with Josh to discuss his artistic development, one of his biggest successes, and the intersections of comedy and art.

The Merit of the Mud Room


Houston, a city molded by the oil and gas industry, is a place of energy, innovation, and, at times, a little dirt. As architects who live within this soiled city, we understand the unique challenges posed by the grit and grime of our surroundings. For this reason, we propose an often underestimated yet invaluable component of home design – the extra-large mud room. Serving as more than just a transitional space, a well-designed mud room offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to the organization, hygiene, and overall well-being of a home here in Houston.