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Perched on a small rock outcropping in Hill Country, the Walnut Springs Guest House offers a nature driven getaway for a city-dwelling family. Two stone masses frame two porches and a large gathering space while sheltering the bedroom and utility areas. Butterfly and hipped roofs focus views and sculpt light.


Johnson City, Texas


Phillips & Phillips Design Build, Hill Country Structural

Design Team

Joe Rivers and Kevin Barden







Mission Boulevard Duplex

Located on the bustling street of Mission Boulevard in San Diego with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Mission Bay on the other.

Natalie Lin Douglas

Music and Performance

In this episode, our resident architects Joe Rivers and Kevin Barden visit with Natalie Lin, a violinist from Houston, Texas. Natalie is a violinist and founder of KINETIC, a conductor-less ensemble from Houston, Texas. Joe and Kevin sat down with Natalie to discuss her upbringing in music and how her ensemble is forging a new path for classical musicians.

The Elegance of Elevation


While the economic appeal of slab-on-grade construction may be tempting for developers and builders, the long-term benefits of elevated foundations far outweigh the initial cost considerations for homeowners. In this exploration, we will delve into the significance of raised foundations in the context of Houston and the Gulf Coast, unraveling the advantages and acknowledging the challenges that come with this architectural choice.