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Stepping through the stone wall portal welcomes an exodus from the city and arrival to the Texas Hill Country. In the mornings, the bathroom and shower face southeast for the sun to greet you. In the evenings, the bedroom offers expansive views southwest to unwind with the sunset and explore the night sky.


Albert, Texas

Design Team

Kevin Barden and Joe Rivers


Alex Warr







HCU Moody Library Renovation

The objective of this renovation is to recognize the challenges libraries face and create an environment that will facilitate, support and adapt with these ever-changing needs. As education and research methodologies move away from the traditional typologies of the library, new service paradigms must emerge to capture the needs of the students and the university.

Nicole Buergers

Food and Beverage

In this episode our resident architects Joe Rivers and Kevin Barden visit Nicole Buergers. Nicole is a beekeeper and cheesemonger from Houston, Texas, a career that grew from a passion project into a full-fledged business. Kevin and Joe were introduced to Nicole through Minh Nguyen, owner of Cafe TH and former guest of this podcast. The three of them sat down with Nicole to discuss her beekeeping service and how her diverse background feeds into its success.

The Merit of the Mud Room


Houston, a city molded by the oil and gas industry, is a place of energy, innovation, and, at times, a little dirt. As architects who live within this soiled city, we understand the unique challenges posed by the grit and grime of our surroundings. For this reason, we propose an often underestimated yet invaluable component of home design – the extra-large mud room. Serving as more than just a transitional space, a well-designed mud room offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to the organization, hygiene, and overall well-being of a home here in Houston.